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Zefir is one of the seven members of the Omega Defiance. He is portrayed by actor Tom McCamus.

Zefir's first appearance is in "Not so Friendly Skies" in which he is seen via videochat with the other 6 Omega Defiance members. He is the seventh, and speculated final, member of the Omega Defiance to be introduced.

Zefir's intellectual specialty is rather unique- he is a weather genius. How can this be worked for evil? Zefir will find a way.

Members of the Omega Defiance are usually not revealed to have worked under T. Abner Hall for long, but are assumed to rather have created the defiance almost right after Hall hired them. However, it is made to seem in "Cloudy With A Chance Of Ninjas" that Zefir worked under Hall for a long while and apparently just recently made the switch to the Omega Defiance. This has lead to speculation that the order in which they are introduced is the order in which the members converted to the defiance. While working for T. Abner Hall, Hall made Emma Lau, as her alter ego Dark Tamara, the assistant of Zefir and she apparently worked under him until his ways became to corrupt. He betrayed T. Abner Hall and Emma. He apparently thinks their past closeness will lead Emma to rejoin him once more. This in part makes sense, considering all the members, with the exception of Xero, have or have had notable partners in crime while Zefir has none.

Not much is known about Zefir, due to his newness in the storyline. He is considered eliminated, as Dr. Necros in Damage Control, says that he might be the only Defiance member still alive.


  • While Zefir has no notable assistants, the cheif ninja Kwong in the episode "Cloudy With A Chance Of Ninjas" stirred up much commotion and got big recognition from viewers due to what they say was an 'uncanny resemblance' to reality name Jon Gosselin of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8", whose episodes usually coincide with Aaron Stone's.
  • Many sites, even very reliable ones, often misspell Zefir as Zephir and even Zephrin.