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Xero (pronounced 'zero') is one of the seven members of the Omega Defiance. He is portrayed by actor Steven Yaffee.

Xero is a member of the Omega Defiance. He, seeming to be not much older than Charlie Landers and the rest of the main cast, is speculated to be the youngest member.

He is first introduced in the episode "From Hero To Xero", and is one of the most featured members of the Omega Defiance, having appeared in many episodes. Due to his many appearances, he is arguably the most developed character in the Omega Defiance- for these reasons, and the simplicity of his name over other members, he is possibly one of the most popular members of the Omega Defiance with fans.

Xero is your basic nerd, but he's gone a bit mad. He's an expert in computer technology and basically any type of technology. He creates robots, similar to androids, to protect him. However, most of his attacks are cleverly designed electronic traps that Aaron Stone most avoid, such as in "From Hero To Xero". Despite his knowledge of technology, Xero tends to be an easy villain to beat due to his laziness. Xero usually creates schemes that use his technology to his advantage, so he normally is just sitting down as Aaron Stone fights- usually displaying himself via a web cam on a screen if he wants to speak with Aaron.

He is considered eliminated, as Dr. Necros in Damage Control, says that he might be the only Defiance member still alive.

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  • Most episodes that involve his appearance have titles that are puns on his name, i.e. "From Hero To Xero", "Xero Control".
  • Vas Mehta dressed up as him for a gamer costume party in "Not So Friendly Skies Part 1 & 2". It's the first time a character has dressed as one of the Omega Defiance. This might have taken place due to Xero's popularity, the fact that he would be featured in the following episode and that Xero is closest to the main characters' age group compared to other members of the defiance.
  • He was mentioned twice in "Run Aaron, Run". Once by S.T.A.N, and the second time by Elias.