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Vas Mehta is a main character in the show Aaron Stone. He has a strong Indian accent and lives in India. He is portrayed by Canadian actor Vasanth Saranga.

Vas is first introduced in the pilot episode, "Hero Rising". Vas, along with his brother Ram Mehta, are first introduced as gamer friends of Charlie Landers. Vas and Ram live all the way in Kolkata, India- while Charlie is assumed to live in either Canada or the USA. The brothers and Charlie met through the game Hero Rising. Vas and his brother then proceed to play the game with Charlie and his brother Jason Landers after Jason makes an avatar.

Vas is a computer obsessed geek, whom is a genius in the arts of cracking codes, gathering information, on occasion hacking (but for all good purposes) and of course is a player with a high class reputation in the game Hero Rising. Vas' avatar is Vas Suvious. His avatar is blonde and wears a green action suite similar to Aaron Stone's design. Vas dressed up as Xero in "Not So Friendly Skies Parts 1 & 2" for a gaming party. While he has not dressed as his avatar, his brother

Though he and his brother are apparently single, desperate for love interests and very low on the social scale- in contrast to Ram, Vas seemingly makes a larger effort to better his social life. In "From Hero To Xero" he states, in spite of being the only boy in class and having to wear a leotard, he takes tumbling lessons to meet girls. In "Hunt Me? Hunt You!" he ponders dressing like his avatar to gain social status, only for Ram to say that it will result in him having 'LESS friends'. Also, a brief mention is made about his ex-girlfriend, but the statement was made by Ram and only to call her 'beastly', in the sense that she was unattractive. These aspects might push him slightly above Ram on the social scale.

Vas can be a bit random at times and sometimes butchers English teen slang. These quirks are meant as comic relief for the audience. However, in contrast to Ram, Vas seems a bit mature, as well as calm and sensible in tough situations. In spite of his social status, and Ram's teasing, Vas seems quite confident and is usually very happy. He is apparently very smart, especially with computers. However, he sometimes loses his patience and quarrels with Ram, he also becomes irritated with Jason Landers' reckless video gaming skills in "Xero Control". Personality wise, Vas is seen as having a comparison to Charlie while Ram can be compared to Jason. It isn't specified who is older, but beside speculation that they are twins, Vas' character traits lead people to believe he could be older than Ram.

Vas, Ram and Aaron Stone[]

In "Rockin' The Free World", Aaron Stone reveals himself to Vas and Ram. It is Charlie's first revealing done out of free will. This notion makes known the friendship and trust Charlie shares with the brothers. This is also the first episode in which the siblings meet Charlie in person- mostly due to the fact that the siblings don't believe his first revealing when done over Hero Rising headsets. Aaron Stone then calls Vas, who still doesn't believe him, then Vas ponders how Aaron Stone got his phone number- then he proceeds to look out his bedroom window and see Aaron Stone standing atop the S.S.J! The brothers then help Aaron hack into a video the Omega Defiance made that will make all its internet viewers brainwashed. Vas and Ram proceed to save the day, making a live worldwide broadcast of themselves rapping and dancing rather than displaying the video. Its speculated the Omega Defiance could have a grudge held toward the two for this act. Since that achievement, Vas and Ram serve as Aaron Stone's "tech support". It is difficult to determine exactly what Vas and Ram do and do not know about the situation at hand- they know Aaron Stone is real and are keeping his existence secret, but it isn't specified whether or not they know of Charlie Landers or other aspects of the situation.

Vas shares a room with Ram and they have computers that allow them to do many things. Most of their scenes have been done from their room- however, in the episode "Chuck And Charlie" they left their room for the first time to go on a mission along side Emma- to find an antidote for Charlie who had inhaled a toxin that made him very aggressive. They seem to live with their family since a reference was made to their parents not allowing one of the siblings to play hero rising for a week due to not finishing his homework, brief mentions of their father have been made as well. Apparently, they work for their father.

In Mutant Rain, they join Aaron in person and help him fight Damaged and Elias Powers. The two are able to reactivate the destroyed S.T.A.N's head and at the end see T. Abner Hall's face when he reveals himself to Aaron and his team.


Vas helps Aaron Stone by cracking codes, hacking, gathering information on people and basically anything else that can be done through his computer and from his and Ram's room. Vas also is intelligent and at times can aide Aaron with general knowledge. Though not specified, it is easy to assume Vas is on T. Abner Hall's side, due to his association with Aaron Stone.


Ram Mehta- Vas's brother, and hero rising gaming partner. The brothers work at their father's bank. Their friendship is comparable to that of Charlie and Jason.

Jason Landers- Fellow hero rising player, too reckless to be considered good. When Charlie allowed Jason to take control of the gaming group, Vas was horrified. And the siblings ditched Jason stating they wouldn't play unless Aaron Stone was the leader. Later Jason logged on as Aaron stone and led the siblings for some time until Vas recognized Jason's voice over the headsets. Since then, Jason has not been in Vas' good books.

Charlie Landers- The best hero rising gamer. Vas is devoted to him, when Jason took over the gaming group he refused to play until Aaron Stone led.

Aaron Stone- Vas, along with his brother, serve as the real-life Aaron Stone's tech-support as of the episode "Rockin' the Free World".