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Hello, I'm Leah Bekah. I'm from Wisconsin. I am 15 years old and I'm Mexican. I speak Spanish, English and American Sign Language. I'm a guitarist and vocalist. My favorite band is Matchbox 20 and my musical inspiration is Rob Thomas. I also enjoy writing and am a grammar geek.

I probably joined wikia about a year ago and have enjoyed helping with smaller wikis so that they can get on their feet. Some might know me from the Total Drama Island wiki.

I'm a nerd and I love entertainment, so I was happy to discover wikia- a place where my, what my father calls 'useless knowledge', may come in handy.

I'm a big fan of Aaron Stone and think it could be the best thing that has ever hit Disney. My favorite characters are actually Vas and Ram- they're so cute and funny. But, of course, who doesn't love Mr. Aaron Stone himself? So, let's get some members coming at here and make this wiki a very successful one! =)

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