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About me[]

I'm 18 years old. I just sort of got into the show and I really like it. I'm into comic books especially Batman. My favorite movies are Star Wars 1-6. I'm a bit of a Trekie. Mainly the Next Generation. Also I enjoy reading a good book every now and again. Plus I'm gay, I'm more open about it but I don't like broadcast it. I am not flamboyant well maybe a little but not alot. I have had no luck in finding anyone. I have told some of my friends and a few members of my family and they have no problem with it at all. Although I'm out sort of speak I haven't told my mom or dad. Although I probably should someday so can get it off my chest. Any who when it happens it happens. Also I am an atheist. I am one as a sort of neutrality. Well that's my story.

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