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Tatianna Caine (Hall) works under the Omega Defiance as an additional ally. She is portrayed by Canadian actress Meaghan Rath.

Tatianna is first introduced in "Hunt Me? Hunt You!". She is first shown as a masked combat artist whom works for the Omega Defiance and beats down Aaron Stone, taking off quickly. Her identity unknown, Tatianna then schemes to try to be fake 'saved' by Aaron Stone, then try to charm and seduce him into danger. Aaron/Charlie Landers falls for Tatianna and when he gets close enough, attempting to kiss her, Tatianna pulls out a needle and sticks him. Next thing he knows, Aaron is confined to a chair and being questioned by Tatianna. She reveals she's under the Omega Defiance and, in a plot twist, the daughter of T. Abner Hall.

Aaron Stone eventually captures her and returns her to her father, whom apparently is keeping her locked up ("Hunt me? Hunt You!").

Nothing has been revealed about Hall and Tatianna's relationship and what went wrong with it.

Tatianna's birth name is most likely 'Hall', due to her father. It's unknown where the name she used, Caine, is derived from. She is apparently unmarried, so it isn't a married name. It could be merely her made up name used for disguise, or perhaps her mother's name. Nothing is known about her mother. It is possible that she is T. Abner Hall's illegitimate daughter.

Tatianna is ruthless and aggressive, visibly angry at all times and she despises her father. She is very pretty, what Aaron and the guys refer to as 'hotter' than Jessica Alba ("Hunt Me? Hunt You!")- mad combat skills aren't this girl's only weapon, having charmed Aaron into a trap, it's easy to say she might seduce some to get them into her web.

Tatianna apparently never had feelings for Aaron Stone, it was all a scheme- because 'after all, he is just a stupid teenage boy'. However, it is unknown if Aaron Stone has feelings for her. He did fall for her in the beginning, then sarcastically flirted with her after she revealed her scheme. But after she was returned to her father, Charlie Landers showed hints of mixed emotions and was even questioning if it was 'worth it all' (fighting the Omega Defiance, being Aaron Stone, etc.).