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Tania Gunadi was born in 1983. She is an Indonesian-born American actress. Tania plays one of the main characters, Emma Lau, in the television Disney XD series Aaron Stone.

Personal Information[]

Gunadi is Indonesian by heritage and was born in Indonesia. Tania stated in an interview that while there, she won the Indonesia lottery. She used to money to come to America and begin her acting career.

Tania has stated that although she is an adult, her agent says she can play as young as 16 in shows or movies.

Tania's favorite show is the old hit "I Love Lucy". She named her two dogs Lucy and Ricky, after the main characters.


Tania first began acting when she was at in age where she would be in her early college years. She's stated that her first role was in a commercial advertising an amusement park and she had to ride a roller coaster. All the other leads got motion sickness, but Tania didn't and assumed the lead role in the commericial.

Tania isn't a new face to Disney channel fans. Most of Tania's career has been Disney related. Tania had a small role in a few episodes of the Disney Channel original "Even Stevens", where she worked alongside stars that would eventually blow up in fame, such as Shia Labeof and Christy Carlson Ramono. Tania also starred opposite Ricky Ullman in the Disney channel orginal movie "Pixel Perfect" in 2004. She also was a main character on "Go Figure" in 2006, another Disney Channel original movie. Of course, now Tania stars in the Disney XD show Aaron Stone.

Tania has worked beside big names in Hollywood, guest starred on the shows "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and "Boston Public".

Tania recently, in 2009, made a cameo appearance in the movie "Star Trek".

Tania has made many public appearances and done a lot of press for her show [[Aaron Stone]. In February 2009, Gunadi was part of an Aaron Stone panel at Comic Con in New York, along side costars JP Manoux, David Lambert, Kelly Blatz and writer Bruce Kalish. Jesse Rath wasn't on stage, but in the audience.

Gunadi also attended the Princess Protection Program movie premiere, along with JP, David and Kelly. However, due to the second season filming of Aaron Stone, Gunadi hadn't had the time to make many Summer 2009 premiere appearances.

Gunadi also filmed "Premiere Party" commercials that aired during the premiere of "Aaron Stone" on Disney XD. The commercials featured herself, Kelly Blatz, JP Manoux, David Lambert, Jesse Rath and Vasanth Saranga hanging out and discussing Aaron Stone production and the show in general.

As of June 2009, Gunadi is filming the second season of Aaron Stone.