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J.P. Manoux as Stan

S.T.A.N, which stands for Sentient Tactical Assisting Neo-human, is the android sidekick to Charlie Landers in the show Aaron Stone. He is portrayed by American and Canadian actor, J.P. Manoux- a popular face to Disney fans.

Stan is an android presumably designed and built by T. Abner Hall. He, being an android, says he can not harm any living being. This, at times, can be troublesome for himself and Aaron Stone- but, Stan finds ways to work around this.

He knows many forms of information yet, he can't understand slang words or "new" terms such as POWNED. His left eye also acts as a projector, making it possible to inform people of missions or plans.

Stan lives in the Landers' house, Amanda Landers having turned it into a boarding home, to stay close to Charlie and all situations at hand. Stan has often impersonated Amanda Landers's voice to get Jason to do something and in "Beastland" Amanda sends him to tell her sons not to do a dangerous jump at a BMX track. Stan has seemingly enjoyed attempting to take on a somewhat parental role in the household to Charlie and Jason, and may eventually become a fatherly type figure to them. Stan also has taken a job as a teacher in Charlie, Emma Lau and Jason's High School to keep close to all situations at hand. He seemingly takes his job seriously, though the children usually don't.

Stan's main role is assisting Aaron Stone- but ever since Emma Lau has revealed that she works for T. Abner Hall, he and Emma alternate the role of sidekick. When not assisting Aaron, Stan is usually busy scheming a way to keep Jason from discovering Charlie's alternate identity.

In "Not So Friendly Skies Part 2", T. Abner Hall told Aaron Stone and Emma to leave Stan behind, since both were forced to desert him on a mission. Disobeying orders, the teens go back for Stan. Hall's notion has made viewers question what part Stan really plays in all of this and if there is something being kept secret.

In "My stakeout with stan" it appears that STAN is the only being Mr hall trusts. He also has a weakness for malfunctions and sometimes accidentally repeats phrases due to this.

In "Chuck or Charlie" it is revealed that STAN is able to fight, but doing so will cause him to lockdown. But as he told Charlie it takes quite a time, and that he can cause alot of damage before his circuits are burned and destroyed.

In "S.T.A.N. By Me" S.T.A.N. is seen fighting Hunter. With Hunter being an android he could fight Hunter without disobeying Asimov's laws. Although Stan lost to him he took Hunter down with the electro melee function.

In "Mutant Rain Part 2," S.T.A.N joins Aaron's fight against Grudge, initially trying to scare him off with blasts nearby from his laser, but Grudge refuses and nearly kills Aaron. Seeing no other choice and not wanting his friend to get hurt, S.T.A.N manages to break the Three Laws and blasts Grudge, knocking him down allowing Aaron to defeat and free him. S.T.A.N, as he knew he would, self-destructs as a consequence of breaking the Three Laws, sacrificing himself to save Aaron and only leaving his head fully intact. Despite the loss of his body, Vas and Ram are able to reactivate S.T.A.N's head which is able to track Aaron's location and take him with them to the White House. There, Jason uses his head to defeat and capture Elias Powers (though he later secretly escapes with U's help) by hitting Elias in the head with S.T.A.N's head. After it's all over, T. Abner Hall rebuilds S.T.A.N, new and improved stating that although S.T.A.N still looks and acts the same as before, he can do so much more now. S.T.A.N, along with the rest of Aaron's team, are finally shown Hall's face as a sign of his now absolute trust in them.


Stan is seen to have many different gadgets programed into him. He can project holograms from his eye and override electronics. He has a laser pointer in his finger and can emit high-frequency sounds. It is also shown that he is able to shoot laser blasts similar to Aaron's from his finger. If he manages to break the Three Laws, he will self-destruct, but his head remains intact. After Hall rebuilds S.T.A.N, he says that S.T.A.N is now new and improved and can do so much more than he could before, but its not clear what he is now capable of.