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S.T.A.N. By Me is the is the 19th episode of Aaron Stone. It was directed by Larry McLean and written by Sean Cunningham and Marc Dworkin.

In this episode Aaron Stone gets a new robot partner but something goes terribly wrong with him.


Series Name
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date Nov. 4, 2009
Written by Sean Cuningham

Marc Dworkin

Directed by Larry McLean
Episode Guide
Saturday Fight Fever

Aaron Stone is captured by General Cross's men. Stan comes in with a blaster to intimidate Cross. But the general knows he can't harm humans. So the general got away and Charlie is mad at Stan. Mr. Hall then calls Aaron and shows him Hunter. He says he is Stans replacement. Charlie is upset at hearing that. Hall gives him Hunter because his programEd him to harm humans if need be. Stan walks in and who is surprised to see Hunter because he wasn't suppose to go on line for at least another year. Both Stan and Charlie leave and Hunter suggests giving Stan a code 10. Which means deactivation and meltdown. Hall agrees with him and orders Hunter to do so.

Back at Charlie's house Stan tells the family he's leaving for a new substitute teaching job over seas. Jason is upset and leaves upset. Hunter shows up and tells Stan about the code 10. Charlie asks what that is and Stan tells him it's a robot rest home. Stan gives Charlie a good bye bear hug and leaves with Charlie feeling bad. Charlie later walks in on Hunter talking to his mom and brother. He says how he went to Africa to help people and there for the surf. They both love him and Hunter asks for a high five and Charlie leaves him hangin'.

Everyone is in school and Charlie thinks he sees Stan. He walks up to him and it's just a janitor. Emma walks up and Charlie tells her he thought that man was Stan. Hunter shows up and everyone likes him. He high fives some jocks and is playing hacky sack with another person. He then tells Emma and Charlie that Stan broke out of Hall Industries. Hunter then gets a call that General Cross is going to use the launch codes he stole. Charlie then tells Emma to look for Stan. Charlie's mom is looking for people to rent their extra room in the house. Mom leaves and Jason starts interviewing the possible renters.

Charlie and Hunter find the general while he's about to use the launch codes. Hunter then offers to fight the guards while Charlie as Aaron Stone watches. He takes them down with ease and before the general escapes he tries to shoot Charlie but Hunter blocks him and he is hit instead. They go back to Charlie's house and are playing Hero Rising. Hunter then starts twitching and attacks Charlie's game Avatar. Charlie says he should get fixed but Hunter says he's alright. Emma shows up and asks Charlie to help her with her history report. He says okay but Emma wanted to tell Charlie that she's found Stan. He's been disguised as a janitor this whole time. The pair then leaves but Charlie lets Hunter stay behind so he can fix himself up. He starts twitching again but it has taken a turn for the worse. His program no longer makes him protect Aaron Stone but to destroy him instead.

Back at school Charlie is walking through the hall and Stan starts to follow him. Emma stops him and his cover is blown. They ask him why he came back and he says it's his mission to protect Aaron Stone no matter what. Charlie then says how he likes Hunter better then Stan. Stan hurt walks off sad. Charlie then confesses he only did that to protect Stan. Charlie goes back home and gives his mom some light bulbs she asked from him earlier. He goes upstairs and Hunter is there waiting for him. Charlie is confused and Hunter tells him he is going to destroy Aaron Stone. They fight and while Charlie's mom is interviewing a new boarder for the guest room she hears noise coming from upstairs. Hunter and Charlie are tearing the room apart. She asks to keep it down and leaves. Charlie locks Hunter in his closet so he can escape and Charlie goes out his window.

Emma and Charlie are back at school and call Mr. Hall on Emma's private line. They tell Mr. Hall that Hunter is damaged and is trying to kill Charlie. He then tells the kids the only way to stop Hunter is with either a computer or a depleeter. Charlie then gets a call from who he thinks is his mom but is really Hunter disguising his voice. Charlie figures it out and asks Hunter to meet him at the park. Hunter agrees and they meet there to finish each other off once and for all. Hunter is waiting for Charlie and is greeted by him as Aaron Stone. Charlie then tries to use the depleeter but Hunter throws it back at Charlie and his armor is depleeted. They fight but Hunter is victorious and he is about to finish him until Stan shows up. Stan then fight Hunter without breaking Asimov's laws and he looks like he'll win but Hunter gets the upper hand. Charlie then explains how the only way to stop Hunter now is with a computer. Stan then says how he is a computer and uses his electro melee function and Hunter is defeated. Charlie then apologizes to Stan and says how he does not want a new partner and wants to stick with Stan.

Once again back at home Jason is interviewing another boarder but the man leaves when he realizes he's only there for cooking and clean up. Stan then comes back and everyone is happy to hear that. Jason then says he'll stop taking advantage of Stan and asks him to make some taco snacks. He then says,"Old habits die hard."


Charlie (Aaron Stone) Kelly Blatz
Emma (Dark Tamara) Tania Gunadi
Jason David Lambert
Amanda Landers Shauna MacDonald
Stan J.P. Manou jason earles

jillian earles

Mr. Hall Martin Roach
General Cross Michael Copeman