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The Omega Defiance is a secret group of world terrorists on the show Aaron Stone. The Omega Defiance was made up of the seven greatest minds in the world, who were recruited six years ago by T. Abner Hall to form a think tank for the sole purpose of bettering mankind. One day, they managed to develop a serum that genetically alters DNA, enabling the subject to increase their intelligence ten-fold. Impatient to try it out, the seven took the serum themselves, but the serum was flawed, it took over their minds and amplified their agression.

They soon came to the conclusion that mankind isn't worth bettering, so they decided to start from scratch, but this time, making things their way, with them in charge. They attempted to convince Hall to take the serum and join them, but he refused, so they attempted to eliminate him, but he managed to evade them and escape. The seven then formed the Omega Defiance, to realize their goal.

The Omega Defiance is made up of 7 members and 7 additional allies to the group:


In order of appearance:

  • Dr. Necros- the first member to be seen on the show. First appeared in "Hero Rising Part 2". He is a mad scientist and chemist whose body was enhanced by genetic engineering. He specializes in creating dangerous serums and toxins.
  • General Cross- The brain of a scientist, the traits of a general and the evil intentions of a villain. Cross specializes in weaponry and all things military. He has a large facial scar and is known to wear army fatigues and a beret.
  • Kronis- A genius and quantum physicist who specializes in Time Control and whom makes his son, Dax, do most of his dirty work. He is obsessed with the concept of time travel.
  • Cerebella- an intellectual beauty that is bad to the bone. She is the only female member of the Omega Defiance, and a neurologist specializing in Mind Control. She uses guards who have failed on missions as guinea-pigs for her experiments and in one episode she had her mind-controlled teenagers attack a man who thought her plan had failed.
  • Xero- A young and insane cyber genius and corporate executive whose laziness could be his weak spot. Xero is an owner of Xero Industries. He is known for fighting through the use of machines and technology, rather than taking on Aaron face-to-face. Due to his social awkwardness, he often speaks in text language (ex. LOL, Stone!).
  • Dr. Helix- A mad scientist whom is perhaps the most eager to eliminate Aaron Stone. He wants Aaron Stone stopped, and you can bet he won't rest until he succeeds... or he himself is stopped. He's obsessed with creating creatures and mutants.
  • Zefir- A weather genius and meteorologist who used to work for Hall Industries and once focused on using his genius to create devices to help change the world. After turning evil and joining the Omega Defiance, his focus is now to create devastating weapons that use weather as part of the destruction. Emma Lau once worked for him.

Additional Allies[]

(Note: These are people whom work under or are associated with the Omega Defiance. They are allies to them, but not members in actuality.)

In order of appearance:

  • Souljacker- an expert martial artist that does all the combat against Aaron Stone for his master Dr. Necros.
  • Master Cyborg- a mutant that fights Aaron Stone for his master General Cross.
  • Dax- The son of Kronis, whom does most of the dirty work.
  • Arkov- An assistant of Dr. Helix.
  • Kwon- The leader of Zefir's ninjas.
  • Tatianna Caine (Hall)- An ally to the Omega Defiance, whom reveals herself as T. Abner Hall's daughter.
  • Elias Powers- An ally to the Omega Defiance who started working for T. Abner Hall, and helped create Hero Rising, but then he betrayed Hall by selling his secrets to the Omega Defiance.
  • Tranq- An ally to the Omega Defiance who went in Aaron Stone's dreams, tried to play with his mind, and tries to ruins his dreams.


  • It is revealed that the Defiance was originally a brilliant group, in alliance with Hall, to better mankind. The seven invented a serum that makes you much more intelligent, but instead of testing it, the seven just took it. It worked, but it also made them much more aggressive, and decided that the best way to better the world was to conquer it or destroy it. They wanted Hall to join them, but he resisted. His serum is later seen in "In the Game of the Father".
  • As of season two, all seven Defiance members are most likely dead, while General Cross was taken away and possibly eliminated in front of Charlie, while Dr. Necros Dragged away in front of Charlie, STAN, Emma and Hall, although it is unknown what happened to Xero, Cerebella, Helix, Zeifer and Kronis, as their elimations were not shown.