Aaron Stone Wiki

The Omega Defiance kidnapped many scientists and stole the powers from Aaron's Suit, the mission is to defeat the Omega Defiance one by one in order to recover the stolen powers and rescue the scientists.

Controls :

Left & Right Arrows to move Left & Right

Up Arrow to jump or double jump

Down to crouch

Spacebar to blast

X to choose between suit powers

Z to use powers

The Suit Powers[]

After defeating a boss you regain a suit power

Energy Shield : Protects you from anything

Speed Dash : Use it to break through breakable walls or damage enemies

Stomp Attack : Use it when a you see a crack in floor, also knocks out organic enemies (useless against robots or tanks)

Grapple Hook : Makes you reach higher places

Micro Blaster : Use it when you see a metal plate in wall. (It also damage enemies and destroys the breakable walls and cracked floors)

Night Vision : Use it to see stuff to see invisible laser blocks, once activated you can see when they deactivate to cross (Once activated you can also calculate when the block will disappear and cross without Night Vision)

Levels and Cheats

 Helix - Fight his mutated animals. Cheat : Shoot at his head

Necros - Fight his zombies. Cheat : Whenever he comes done blast him

Xero - Fight his robots.Cheat : Whenever you see a red bomb sign on his super robot blast it

Cerebella - Fight her henchmen.Cheat: Shoot the blue shining orbs and then blast her when here energy shield is gone

General Cross - Fight his cyborgs and war machines.Cheat : When he blasts his bomb shoot it

Zefir - Fight his weather dudes. Cheat : Shoot clouds then shoot him and use energy shield to protect self from acid rain

Kronis - None

Last Stand[]

There is also a game exacly like it called Last Stand except you dont fight henchmen you just go straight to the bosses.Cheats and suit powers are the same as Mission Omega

Helix : Exactly the same except you have to shoot his head only around 4 times

Necros : Exactly the same except you can just run around and the green blast will disapper

Xero : The same except you only have to shoot the three bomb signs once

Cerebella : The same except you shoot orbs only once

General Cross : The same

Zefir - The same except you shoot cloud only once