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Kronis is one of the seven members of the Omega Defiance. He is portrayed by actor Kent Staines.

Kronis is first shown in the episode "Time Out" and is the third member of the Omega Defiance to be introduced.

Kronis has a son, Dax, whom appears to only be a few years older than Aaron Stone and his friends. Kronis has his young son do most of the dirty work, such as stealing and combat against Aaron Stone. Having a son that is known to the audience makes Kronis differ from the rest of the Omega Defiance, as he is the only one to have a notable family member. No information on Dax's mother has been revealed. Although Kronis treats Dax somewhat cruelly, he does indeed care for him. He is shown to be upset at Aaron for having Dax locked away in a russian prison. Kronis also tried to break his son out of prison in "Saturday Fight Fever"

Kronis, along with his son, seems to have an obsession with 'time', such as time stopping and especially time travel- as seen in "Time Out" and "My Two Stans".

He is considered eliminated, as Dr. Necros in Damage Control, says that he might be the only Defiance member still alive.