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Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date February 13, 2009
Written by Bruce Kalish
Directed by Eric Canuel & Pat William
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Hero Rising Part 2


Charlie Landers is the best player in the online game, 'Hero Rising,' with his unstoppable crime-fighting avatar, Aaron Stone. Charlie's world is changed forever when a powerful billionaire reveals to him that Hero Rising is a testing game for real secret agents. Charlie is recruited to become the "real life" Aaron Stone and must fight crime against the evil Omega Defiance, a team of people who are out to destroy the world, but in his normal life he must keep super crime fighter Aaron Stone as his secret identity.


Main cast[]

  • Kelly Blatz as Charlie Landers/Aaron Stone
  • Tania Gunadi as Emma Lau
  • David Lambert as Jason Landers
  • J.P Manoux as S.T.A.N

Recurring cast[]

  • Martin Roach as T. Abner Hall


  • Anthony J. Misjud as Dr. Necros
  • _________ as Souljacker


  • This is the pilot episode (The very first episode in a sitcom).
  • Charlie Landers originally had a best friend, but he was written out of the script. This could be because the show would rather focus on Charlie's more interesting friendships with Emma Lau, Vas Mehta and Ram Mehta rather than on a school mate.
  • Jason Landers was suppose to be younger in the pilot and Charlie had to pick him up from school and other such aspects. Jason's age was bumped up in following episodes. Probably so that he could be featured in High School, alongside Charlie, and that would offer his character more time for character development.
  • Vas Mehta and Ram Mehta don't make another appearance until Rockin' The Free World, which is when they become vital characters in the plot. Their absence could have something to do with Charlie's best friend being written out last minute, so it took longer to write Vas and Ram in as Charlie's best friends.
  • The title of the episode is also the title of the game.
  • The creators of Aaron Stone also did another Disney Channel show called "Jet Jackson", which aired back in the early 2000's. In that show, Jet was an actor whom played an action hero called Silver Stone. It's interesting to note the name comparison.
  • This episode and Hero Rising, Part 2 aired on Disney XD the same night.
    • Both episodes also featured a 'premiere party' which consisted of actors Kelly Blatz, David Lambert, JP Manoux, Tania Gunadi, Vasanth Saranga and Jesse Rath discussing the show, production, and other such aspects during commercial breaks.
  • This episode aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD on its premiere night.