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General Cross

General Cross was one of the seven members of the Omega Defiance. He is portrayed by actor Michael Copeman.

General Cross first appears in the episode "First Strike". He is the second member of the Omega Defiance to be introduced. In said episode, he intends to use his 'unstoppable' cyborg to his advantage- hoping to destroy T. Abner Hall and, after meeting him, Aaron Stone.

Not much is known about General Cross, due to his lack of appearances as of now. He has some personality traits of an actual army general, but yet is very attached to the Omega Defiance.

Wether he is a real army general or not is at this momment unproven. however, his henchmen normally wears military uniforms, which gives a clue.

In the episode My Stakeout With Stan, General Cross is seen in the story Stan was telling Aaron Stone that Hall was betrayed by the Omega Defiance.In this flashback, General Cross is seen with Dr. Necros, and T. Abner Hall, except this time General Cross looks younger than normal because it was six years before.

In the Season 2 Debut Episode: Damage Control, he was seen being attacked by the escaped mutants, and dragged away. He is confirmed dead