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The Gauntlet is Charlie's alter ego, Aaron Stone's primary weapon.


The Gauntlet is a guantlet-like weapon that Aaron Stone wears on his right wrist. It had two versions, one in season one and the second in season two.

In season one, the Gauntlet had a upper dark grey part with a black part in the bottom with two guns pointing out. The energy blasts were blasted out from these guns. This version first appeared in the series pilot episode, "Hero Rising Part 1"

In season two, a new, much powerful version of the Gauntlet was given to Aaron by Stan. This version has a black colored upper and bottom part which is now made of some hard fiber. It now lacks the two guns replaced by a hole that blasts the energy. According to Stan, the Gauntlet now has more improved equipments. The new version first appeared in "In the Game of the Father".


Season 1[]

The Gauntlet appeared in every episode in the first season.

It was first given to Aaron by Stan in "Hero Rising Part 1".

Season 2[]

The new, upgraded version of the Gauntlet appeared in "In the Game of the Father". It was given to Aaron by Stan.

In "Gauntlet, But Not Forgotten", Jason accidentally sold the Gauntlet (not knowing what it is) to Budnick. Budnick played with the Gauntlet in a junkyard where he accidentally blowed up a car. Budnick (who got scared) left the Gauntlet and a burgular found. He used it to rob a bank where Jason was in. Meanwhile, Aaron had to fight Shackles with a pink ordinary energy gun. Aaron lost and came to the bank to get his old trusty weapon, the Gauntlet. He tricked the burgler into blasting to a mirror which the energy hit the burgular back. In the end of the episode, Aaron got the Gauntlet back.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Gauntlet has many equipments. In the new version, the powers of the Gauntlet is upgraded. According to Stan in "Face-Off", the Gauntlet has the power of ten suns.

  • Energy Blasts: are energy blasts blasted out from the Gauntlet. In season one, the blasts were weaker. In season two, the energy blasts are much powerful.
  • Dual Lasers: in the old version the Gauntlet had dual lasers that can be shot out from the two guns in the front. It is unknown if the new version has the Dual Lasers.
  • Cutting Saws: the new version of the Gauntlet has small cutting saws that can be shotten out from the Gauntlet.
  • LCD Screen: the old version of the Gauntlet had small LCD Screen. It is unknown if the new version has the LCD Screen.
  • USB Port: the old version of the Gauntlet had a small part where USBs can be plugged in. They are displayed in the LCD Screen. It is unknown if the new version has the USB Port.


  • The Gauntlet is the strongest and most powerful weapon in Hero Rising.
  • It was stated by S.T.A.N in Gauntlet but not forgotten, that the gauntlet is the hardest weapon to achieve in the game.
  • The Gauntlet has more thermal intensity than the sun, stated by S.T.A.N in season 2 episode 5, Face Off.