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First strike is the 3rd episode of Aaron Stone.


The episode starts with General Cross getting the stolen head of the worlds most dangerous mercanary which he plans to use for an army of cyborg soilders. He then uses his contact as his first subject.

Next Charlie makes plans with Emma to go hang out after school when Jason needs help in Hero Rising Charlie tells him his secret the 3 C's (calm, cool and collected) but Jason still losses.

Charlie is at school when he meets Chase Ravenwood whom he quickly develops a crush on. Chase having been attracted to Charlie ( After seeing a photo of him in a towel.) ask for his help after school to which Charlie agrees dicthing Emma.

On their first mission to find the cyborg Charlie and STAN are suprise attacked. Charlie is easily defeated after a short struggle is beign strangled by the cyborg, so STAN tries reasoning with The Cyborg who tosses him into a wall temporarily deactivating him after a matter of seconds STAN comes too. The cyborg about to ram the two misses and gets entangled in wires. They capture him and take him to Mr.Hall. Even during his mission Emma still is still waiting for him then leaves.

Charlie again hangs outwith Chase who he discovers he has alot in common with. Thant night Charlie and Emma make more plans with. Then on the next morning Charlie and Jayson play Hero rising when they encounters a Master Cyborg trophy. When Jayson's avatar grabs it he is destroyed and Charlie realises thats about to happen to Hall, who took Master Cyborg to examine him.

Charlie and Stan rush off to save Hall who is unawear of the ambush. The cyborg awakens and chokes hall, when Aaron Stone comes just in time to save him. They have a gun fight exchanging blaster bolts when Charlie pulls a wall onto him. The cyborg however bashes through a vent and Charlie shots a pipe full of gas that sprays at him. While STAN gets Hall. Charlie and the cyborg once again dodge and exchange blaster bolts. When suddenly Charlie starts to explain that hes not scared saying he's calm, cool and collected. The cyborg shots a bolt at him but Charlie shoots the blaster bolt with his and the two bolts combine and destroy the cyborg splitting him into two parts. Mr. Hall thanks Charlie for saving his life.

The next day Charlie apoligizes to Emma who he left again to go on a mission. She ask him where he was but he lies to her. Then the two leave together make yet more plans with Charlie paying for it all.

General Cross arrives back at his base watching a video of Charlie destroying the cyborg and repeadetly sayinghe's calm, cool and collected. General Cross says he welcomes Stone needing a new more powerful enemy.