Here's a list of Aaron Stone fanfictions written by various authors. If you've got the time, go to, and read the stories, review them, post your own, or just browse.

Fanfictions rated K-T[edit | edit source]

Missing Aaron/Emma's bad side -

Unexpected Saviour -

Why he is the way he is -

Revelations -

Dancing with Danger -

Forgive my software -

The perfect mutants -

The News -

When I was a little girl -

The fight for life -

A corrupt world -

Celebrations -

Last Dance -

The chronicles of Aaron Stone -

No Heroes in this world -

What happened next? -

Still here hoping that one day you may come back -

Triple threat cont -

For the first time in six years -

Damage Control: My version of the ending -

Holy of Hollies -

A silent Hero -

Finding the truth -

That day at the bank -

Kenly Who? -

Jason Landers I love you -

My Life Would Suck Without You -

Be My Own Hero -

A Favour -

Triple Threat -

Body Heat -

Secrets -

Brother -

My Not So Super Hero Aaron Stone -

Rescue -

Twisted Games -

No Second Chances -

All it takes is a bandage -

Rearranging Everything I know -

Everything that happens is from now on -

Heroes of the heart -

The Ultimate Hero -

Ability -

Mature Fanfiction[edit | edit source]

To be Dominated -

Will Fly -

Fanfictions in other languges (Spanish)[edit | edit source]

Rebelion -

Everything that happens is from now on -

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