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Unknown. Possibly in his 30's

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Some men (Game On)Grudge (Mutant Rain Part 1) Damaged (Mutant Rain Part 1 & 2) U (Mutant Rain Part 1 & 2, only true ally)


T. Abner Hall, Aaron Stone, Emma Lau, Vas and Ram Mehta Jason Landers (probable)

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Mind Games

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Mutant Rain Part 2

"Powers lives and breathes game puzzles." — Aaron about Elias in Run, Aaron, run.

Elias was a former Hall Industries researcher & the creator of the Hero Rising video game. A programming genius, he designed the game to be unbeatable. He is shown to enjoy games, especially mind games.

Early Life[]

Nothing is known about Elias' life before he created Hero Rising, although it was possible that he could have had a job as a game designer. It was unknown how Hall found him, and lead to another possibility that the two could have known each other prior to the events of "My Stakeout with S.T.A.N".

After he created Hero Rising - or possibly during the project - he had found out that the story behind Hero Rising was real and, promptly after downloading Hall's data into his own computers, confronted Hall about it. It was clear during their confrontation that he hadn't had the implant (and later confirmed by Hall in "Mind Games" when he said he didn't know how much smarter Elias was since getting the implant) and must have been affected by Hall's lying in some way.

The confrontation between the two ended with Elias threatening Hall that he would see him again, and him somehow finding the Omega Defiance and selling them all of Hall's secrets, before he disappeared from sight, until reappearing several years later in Mind Games, only much more dangerous.


His first apperance in the show, was in "Mind Games", where he was building an atom disruptor for the Omega Defiance. He was shown in a warehouse, instructing two men to take out what was presumably the part he needed, before being apprehended and caught by Aaron. He woke up in the back of the SSJ, hands chained, and glaring at Aaron with malice.

Later on in the episode, Hall told Aaron that Elias had originally ran the research division at Hall Enterprises, and confirmed when Aaron asked if Elias had designed Hero Rising. After Aaron and S.T.A.N had gone, Elias was seen testing the forcefield, and remarked to Hall that it was a nice touch, but he wouldn't keep him here. Hall then rebutted with the fact that he had developed a truth serum, and Elias countered it with the fact it wouldn't work on him, as he had an implant, sewn into his chest, was wired to his brain and made it impossible for him to be drugged with a truth serum. 

It was revealed (by Elias himself) that he had an implant which made him unable to feel pain or emotions, as he told Aaron when he broke the forcefield during their 'interrogation'. Later in the episode, Elias challenged Aaron to a game of Hero Rising, which he lost, despite having created the game, and knowing the layout of the secret level he showed Aaron.

Ater that plan failed, he had somehow left the Omega Defiance a message in the secret level of Hero Rising, telling them where he was being held, and the time to break him out. Aaron found it out later in the episode, but had to let Elias escape because Jason was dangling off a bridge. He was not seen again (physically) until "Game On".

In the episode "My Stakeout With S.T.A.N" Elias was in a flashback, a few years prior to the show's pilot episode. He had designed Hero Rising, believing it to be ficticious like Hall had told him.

In the second part of the flashback, he had somehow learned the truth about the Omega Defiance. He fell out with Hall, stating he didn't like being lied to, and became an ally to the Omega Defiance. When he last saw Hall, Elias swore he would see him again.

In the season 1 finale, "Game on" Elias was hell-bent on destroying Aaron, and tracked him all the way to Chicago, where the two battled. Elias was shown to have extremely good fighting skills, although it was unconfirmed about how, where or who he learned them from. After being tricked by Aaron, he was re-captured, and taken to Hall's maximum security prison.

However, Elias broke out in the episode "Run Aaron, Run" and tried to get revenge on Aaron in the same episode by targeting him with lasers. making him run around town, and he had to try and stop a virus he was going to unleash, which turned out to be a computer device which hijacked S.T.A.N and let Elias steal Hall's intel. He was once again stopped by Aaron, although he managed to salvage a file which had some intel on Damaged.

In "Mutant Rain (Part 1)", the series finale, Elias trained a young man who named himself "Grudge" to help him with his plan in getting into the White House, lying to him about how everyone would know his name if he did everything he said. Elias had also given him a modification neurojack (much like his own) although it was removed by Aaron in the next episode, hinting Elias had meant to take it away from him if he became useless. He also tricked Sliver into tagging along with Aaron and S.T.A.N to capture Shackles so he could find a way to manipulate Damaged and earn his trust.

At the end of the episode, Elias and Grudge sucessfully brought U to Damaged, and showed them a hologram of the White House, stating that all they needed was U and the President of the United States.

In "Mutant Rain (Part 2)" it was revealed Elias had formed a secret alliance with U. He'd tricked Damaged, and went after the "Uriah Chamber's" access codes instead. Unknown to everyone else, U shapeshifted into Elias, and the real Elias slipped off while U was captured instead.

Elias was last seen going to the "Uriah Chamber". It was mysterious chamber under the White House that was said to hold a great and terrible power. Elias was the longest running antagonist of Aaron Stone, having appeared in six episodes across both seasons.

Elias Powers was portrayed by actor Malcom Travis.


T. Abner Hall - In the flashbacks of them both in "My Stakeout With S.T.A.N" Elias seemed to be friendly, but turned hostile when he learned Hall had lied to him. Elias had been hostile in every episode where he had mentioned him.

Aaron Stone - Elias seemed to hate Aaron, but at the same time enjoy playing (games) with him. In "Mind Games" their conversation seemed civil, until Elias learned Aaron had a brother. In "Game On" Elias seemed to want to kill him, although in "Run Aaron Run" he challenged him to a Saw type game and wasn't trying to kill him. (See: Aarias)

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  • Elias was only called by his first name once in the entire series, either his last name, or full name were used instead. Even in fanfictions, his first name is hardly ever used.
  • His hair always seemed to be styled differently, even in "Mind Games", when he was imprisoned. This could be down to continuity errors when the episode was filmed.
  • He was the last character to be seen before the show ended.
  • He managed to trick Aaron into telling him he had a brother. "Mind Games"
  • He was shown to be good at fighting. "Game On."
  • Elias was very manipulative towards other characters: "Mind Games" (Aaron) "Mutant Rain Part 1 & 2" (Grudge Damaged and the President of the United States)
  • He could speak Latin. "Mind Games"
  • The first opening minutes of Mutant Rain part 1, was the only time (save Mind Games) in the entire show where he wasn't wearing a shirt which was either black or brown.
  • In the credits, Malcolm Travis was credited as either "Powers" or "Elias Powers", never just "Elias".
  • Elias hated being lied to. (Stated it in "My Stakeout with S.T.A.N" during the second flashback between him and Hall.
  • Elias was the central antagonist to both Season Finales.
    • He was also the longest running antagonist of the series, with six appearances spanning season 1 and 2. ("Mind Games", "My Stakeout with S,T.A.N", "Game on", "Run Aaron, run", "Mutant Rain part 1" and "Mutant Rain part 2")
  • He was the only villian from Season 1 to be featured in the Season 2 finale.
    • Co-incidentally, he is also the only surviving villian. The Omega Defiance were eliminated by Damaged, and it is unknown what happened to Dax and Tatannia.
  • He has been called various things throughout the series.
    • "Strange man" by Mr. Hall.

      Elias after the events of Run, Aaron, Run

    • "A genius to begin with" by Mr. Hall.
    • "One scary, evil guy" by Emma.
    • "Mr. Hero-Rising-bad-loser-himself" by Aaron
    • "A liar and a cheater" by Aaron
  • He had a near-death experience (off-screen) in Run, Aaron, Run, and it is not known how he survived the fire the laser caused. It can be assumed he took some damage, as he is shown afterwards (right) to be charred, but still alive.
  • He is the only person to be shot with Aaron's gauntlet who didn't feel the effects or become knocked out.
  • He is the only villain to be show with their own car.
  • He is the last person U shifted into before being imprisoned in "Mutatn Rain Part 2".
  • He was the first person to be show in Hall's Maximum Security prison.
  • He is the only person who can withstand Damaged's telekinesis without showing any pain or even moving, like Aaron, Emma, Hall, Necros and even S.T.A.N did in "Damage Control".
  • The computer chip in his neck was the same as the one he gave Grudge, although it proved not to be permanent as Aaron easily pulled Grudge's off his neck in "Mutant Rain Part 1" and there was no wound, whereas with Elias', it was clearly shown being drilled into his neck.
  • Although he was affiliated with the "Omega Defiance" in Game on, he had never shared a scene with any of them.
  • His fate after he goes in the Uriah Chamber at the end of the series is left unknown, as are his motives for wanting such power.


I'll be happy to leave, but you'll see me again Abner, you will see me, again. - Elias Powers to T. Abner Hall in My Stakeout with S.T.A.N

I like surprises. Do you? - Elias to Aaron Stone in Mind Games

Let's see if you're still cracking jokes when I crack your head. - Elias Powers to Aaron Stone in Mind Games

He beat you, because you're weak and afraid. There's only one thing you should be afraid of. Me. - Elias to the surviving thug in Game On

Hello Aaron Stone, are you looking for me? Or looking for her? What do you say we play a game? My game, where you have to save your little friend. Leave no Stone unturned, the game starts, now. - Elias to Aaron in Run Aaron Run

Hug the shadows all you want, Aaron Stone, but you can't hide from my eye in the sky. - Elias to Aaron in Run Aaron Run

Who would have thought, that Hall's toy robot would be his downfall? - Elias in Run Aaron Run

Aaron Stone. Interesting, but I've already won. - Elias to Aaron in Run Aaron Run

Finally. An ally I can use in game 2.0. - Elias in Run Aaron Run

All I need from you, Mr. President, are the acess codes. But, not in front of young Hall here. - Elias to the President in Mutant Rain Part 2

Your brother? Wow, we've really hit the bonus round. - Elias to Aaron in Mutant Rain Part 2

Well done U. Ready for the real plan to begin? - Elias to U in Mutant Rain Part 2

And which one of you's going to stop me? Blind girl? Broken Android, or the Dork? - Elias (disguised as U) to Emma in Mutant Rain Part 2