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Dr. Necros is introduced in episode "Hero Rising Part 1" and is one of the seven members in the Omega Defiance. He is portrayed by actor Anthony J. Mifsud.

Dr. Necros is the very first member of the Omega Defiance that Charlie Landers encounters after becoming Aaron Stone.

Dr. Necros' first scheme on the show is what happens to be Aaron Stone's first mission. Necros planned to release a toxin that would turn all citizens of the country into zombies. This all takes place in the episode "Hero Rising Part 1".

Dr. Necros' right hand man is the Souljacker, whom does all of the fighting for Necros. The Souljacker tends to take most of the spotlight, as he does all the combat against Aaron Stone. Dr. Necros isn't shown very much, but he is the evil mind behind everything and the Souljacker fights all his physical battles. Necros' is a scientist and perhaps one of the most brilliant minds behind the Omega Defiance. Necros' body was enhanced by genetic engineering. Necros' uni

que name was derived from a Greek term meaning 'death', viewers whom know this aspect ponder if this will have any significance in the show.

In the episode Chuck and Charlie, Aaron Stone inhales a toxin that created by Dr. Necros that gives you aggression.T. Abner Hall tells Stan that Dr. Necros stoped using the toxin on his own men because no one survived. He is last seen in Season 2 Episode 2. His fate after that is unknown. Did the mutant known as "Damaged" kill him ? That is for you to figure out.


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Anthony J. Mifsud as 'Dr. Necros' (Season 2)