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Dax is in association with the Omega Defiance through his father, Kronis, whom is a member of the defiance and Dax works under him. He is portrayed by actor Dillon Casey.

Dax is a young man, perhaps only a few years older than Aaron Stone and friends, whose father is Omega Defiance member Kronis. Dax, along with Xero and Tatianna Caine (Hall), is one of the youngest people to be working under the Omega Defiance.

Dax was first introduced in the episode "Time Out", along side his father. Dax does his father's dirty work, such as fighting off Aaron Stone and stealing. From his fights with Aaron, one can tell Dax is experienced in combat. Since he does the dirty work, Dax is actually perhaps seen more than Kronis, yet Dax's loyalty to his father is all that's ever displayed and he is in need of character development.

Despite many sites displaying the false and/or incorrectly phrased information that Dax is a MEMBER of the Omega Defiance, he is in actuality not. His rank is correctly an additional ally. Dax works mainly under his father, and therefore under the Omega Defiance- however, his work seems to lie more under his father than the defiance and his loyalty to them is questionable. Like with every father-son duo, one might ponder whether Dax really is true to the Omega Defiance or just works under it to please his father. Dax, being the only revealed child of an Omega Defiance member, is in a tough situation. it is unknown who is his mother is.