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Cerebella is one of the seven members of the Omega Defiance. She is portrayed by actress Serain Boylan.

Cerebella is a female beauty, but is quite evil and easily irritated. She is notable for being the only female member of the Omega Defiance.

Cerebella first appears in the episode "Rockin' The Free World". She is the fourth member of the Omega Defiance to be introduced. Cerebella's scheme in said episode is to brain wash teens with a video that will be put on a website- the teens will be lied to that the video is actually a music video by an insanely popular band, then they will know the truth too late- after opening it and finding themselves brainwashed. If her plan had succeeded, millions of teens, including Jason Landers, would have been brain washed and under her control- however, she did not succeed. Her scheme coincided with Aaron Stone revealing his existence to Vas Mehta and Ram Mehta, and they proceed to fry her system, hack into her files and delete the video.

Since Vas and Ram aired a live broadcast of themselves rapping and dancing in place of the video, it is easy to assume that Cerebella knows they are behind her video not being aired and fans speculate she must hold a grudge against them that could very well be worked into upcoming episodes.

Cerebella's first scheme is interesting because it involved using teens to her advantage. She appears to have a good understanding of teen pop culture (in knowing millions of teens would be drawn to a music video by a certain band). Cerebella's insight on teen life and using it to her advantage could prove to be very threatening in the future, seeing as Aaron Stone and the rest of the main characters are teens.

It's also interesting to note that in the beginning of "Rockin' The Free World" Cerebella tests her video on three teens, whom become brainwashed and very aggressive- attacking a man to the floor. In the end of the episode, Cerebella makes a reference about locking those teens up. She apparently still has them under her control, unknown to Aaron Stone and his allies, which could make for interesting plot twists in upcoming episodes.

She s considered eliminated, as Dr. Necros in Damage Control, says that he might be the only Defiance member still alive.