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An Avatar is the Hero Rising counterpart of a real life person. In the game, they can design a character completely and outfit them with equipment and other items to battle against the Omega Defiance in the game.

Avatars in the Hero rising video game are customizable characters that you can create, set with armor, weaponry and other accessories. Being unskilled, a player can get his/her avatar defeated. Not much is known what happens after being beaten. One possibility is that the player is sent back to a set respawn point while losing an item or key quest ability.

An Avatar does not have to look like its real life player. A person can make his or her Avatar with many or no similarities to his or her self. Jason Landers' avatar, Terminus Max, does not even appear to be human. While Ram Mehta's avatar, Lethal Lotus, is female while he himself is male- which has often been observed in the show, sometimes as a comic relief.

Dressing Like Avatars[]

On occasion or on a regular basis, it is not unusual to see someone dress like an avatar.

Charlie Landers dresses like his avatar, Aaron Stone, due to Aaron Stone actually being his alter ego. He is both Charlie and Aaron in every episode.

Emma Lau first appeared dressed as her avatar, Dark Tamara, in the episode Not So Friendly Skies, Part 2- in the same episode it is revealed she works for T. Abner Hall and has since been portrayed as Dark Tamara (Emma's now alter ego) on occasion when assisting Aaron on missions.

Ram Mehta dressed as not his own but his brother Vas' avatar, Vas Suvious. This took place in the episodes Not So Friendly Skies Part 1 & 2 because the brothers were going to attend a Hero Rising party where the guests dress as game characters- the brothers have not made their avatars alter egos, at least not at this point. Vas dressed as Xero, a hero rising villain, for the occasion. It may have made more sense for them to dress as their own avatars, but this was not entirely possible since Ram's avatar, Lethal Lotus, is female.

Jason has dressed as his avatar while trying to win a stunt contest. He tried to jump of a bridge tied to a rope and pretend to fly only to have to be saved by Charlie.

Notable Avatars[]