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Amanda and her sons

Amanda Landers is the mother of Charlie Landers and Jason Landers. She is portrayed by Canadian actress Shauna MacDonald.

After the death of her husband, she has been stressed without having an income and has been trying to get a job. By the episode "Hero Rising, Pt. 2" she gets hired as the vice president of HALL Industries, through the influence of T. Abner Hall.

Despite working for Hall Industries, Amanda seemingly doesn't know about Charlie's alter ego Aaron Stone, nor the larger circumstances behind Hall Industries.

Amanda appears on various episodes, Charlie usually lying to her about his whereabouts to hide his identity. Amanda hasn't been featured in many episodes, Jason having taken on the part of the person whom Charlie is constantly scheming to hide his identity from. It's speculated Amanda's character development will become greater later on, with her work in Hall Industries only making her a few steps behind in seeing the big picture.